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We’ll take care of that Appliance Installation!

Here’s the problem: You go to a big box store to get a shiny new appliance. Maybe you even spring a little extra cash for them to install it, or you plan to do it yourself. The old appliance comes out, only the pipe it connects to is corroded, or the valve doesn’t work properly. If you chose that big box store’s installers, they’ll fix it, but at a massively inflated premium – some even tack on an emergency call out fee!

We’re the solution to installation woes!

Why leave it to chance and hope everything goes smoothly, when we can ensure it does? If we discover any problems we’ll let you know right away, and our expert plumbing installers won’t charge you any baloney emergency plumbing fees to fix them, just our regular low rates to make things right. We back everything we do with an industry leading warranty, and of course our famous No-Quibbles Guarantee.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water Heaters

We’ll replace that tired old water heater with a super-efficient replacement that could save you a pretty penny on your energy bills too! You’ll never need to say “Don’t use all the hot water” ever again!

Water Softener Repair, Service and Installation

Water Softeners

Don’t let hard water problems damage your appliances and spoil your shower time! Get a plumber that provides affordable, highly efficient, low maintenance water softening systems that we guarantee won’t let you down!

Appliance Installation from Plumbing Installers

Appliance Installs

Call the professionals at Plumbing Installers for almost any appliance installation! We provide fast, professional and affordable installs of Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Softeners and  more.

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Don’t Forget Our No-Quibbles Guarantee! 

Remember, customer service is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding customer service, so in the highly unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied just let us know and we’ll make it right! We’ll also give you a nice big discount on future services if we let you down.