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Remodeling Services

At Plumbing Installers, we offer a complete one-stop shop service for all your remodeling needs! We’ve got something to suit all budgets and requirements, and work in every type of home from a newly built ranch house to a historic split level. 

We offer Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Space remodeling, whether you’re looking for a quick refresh or a comprehensive project, we’ve done it all!

Plumbing Installers are also the name you can trust for Basement fit-out and finishing – we turn cold dark basements that aren’t getting used, into beautiful living or recreation areas, adding many thousands of dollars to the value of the homes we work in.

Take a minute to explore our remodeling services, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve any questions or requirements you would like to discuss.

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Beautiful basement finishing and fit out for new homes

Basement Finishing

Our Basement Finishing services are widely known throughout the Miami Valley for their quality, craftsmanship and value. We turn empty, unused basements into beautiful spaces our customers love spending time in.

Whether you’re looking for a mancave, extra sleeping rooms or just somewhere for the kids to play, Plumbing Installers are the first name to call for your basement bliss!

Call today to discuss your needs!  Our experts will create the basement of your dreams that will not only give you more space, but will add significantly more value to your home! Win Win!

Bathroom Fitting and Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Our small team of experts are ready and waiting to deliver the bathroom of your dreams! We’ve got ideas and designs to suit a huge range of budget and requirements – from a quick refresh to a comprehensive renovation Plumbing Installers are the company to call!

We source high quality suites, and design each bathroom from scratch to suit your exact requirements. We’ll advise on the best approach to take to ensure you get exactly what you had in mind, finished to the highest standard possible.

Call today to discuss your requirements.

beautiful kitchen remodeling from the experts at plumbing installers

Kitchen Remodeling

For many families the kitchen is the heart of the household. Our remodeling services craft beautiful kitchens to suit any need.

We track down the best quality materials and hardware to suit any budget, whether it’s for a simple rental property, a fixer-upper or the kitchen you’ve been waiting your whole life to buy, Plumbing Installers are the name to trust to deliver exactly what you require.

We can also give you great advice on what it takes to turn even the most tired looking kitchens around on a shoestring budget – great for property investors and those looking to sell in the near future who want to add maximum impact for potential buyers.

Fairborn plumber remodel remodeling design home

Living Space Remodeling

At Plumbing Installers, we love nothing more than turning a customer’s house into a beautiful home. We work closely with you to get a crystal clear idea of what you desire, before our skilled experts deliver a level of fit and finish quality that can’t be beaten.

We can take care of everything from dry-wall to flooring, lighting, hard and soft surfaces and of course plumbing and appliances.

Why not call today and see how we can help you get the living areas you deserve while adding thousands of dollars to your home’s value?

There’s more? 

Oh yes! We also create beautiful outdoor spaces, including beautiful decking projects, fencing and more. Check back in the spring for some exciting new options that’ll give you the garden you’ve always wanted.

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Don’t Forget Our No-Quibbles Guarantee! 

Remember, customer service is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding customer service, so in the highly unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied just let us know and we’ll make it right! We’ll also give you a nice big discount on future services if we let you down.

Remodeling and Home Design